The principal objectives of the Association are:

  • To strengthen coordination and cooperation amongst interested education and training centres/institutions, networks and interested officials within Europe.

  • To facilitate the exchange of experience, best practices, lessons-identified and education and training initiatives and activities.

  • To facilitate greater cooperative efforts in conducting crisis management education and training, through regular updates and exchanges of information on courses and exercises, and cooperative possibilities.

  • To promote mutual understanding of different institutional and functional perspectives and organizational cultures present among military, police and the range of civilian components in peace and crisis response operations.

  • To promote efficiency in planning and conducting education and training through cooperation, standardisation and harmonization.

  • To share ongoing and planned research information and activity with respect to both peace and crisis response operations and the education and training for peace and crisis response operations.

  • To benefit from exchanges with other like-minded International and Regional Associations, Networks and training centres within the framework of the IAPTC.

  • To share European experience, best practices, lessons identified and education and training initiatives and activities, within the IAPTC membership.