• The Association will comprise a loose grouping of like-minded European centres, institutions, networks, officials and programmes dealing with peace operations and crisis management education, training and research.

  • The membership of the Association shall hold an annual meeting in pursuit of the objectives of the Association.

  • There is no formal structure to the Association.  The annual meeting will be chaired by a volunteer host, who will provide the venue, facilitate participation, provide a meeting secretariat and organize the planning for the event, either through a planning meeting with interested centres/institutions/networks, or online. The host for the prior annual meeting is expected to provide advice to the upcoming host.

  • The minutes of the annual meetings will be the principal records of agreements, activities, initiatives, and thrusts of discussion for the Association.

  • In addition to an annual meeting, activities ‘in the spirit of the Association’ may be initiated by any member, and open to the membership, for the purpose of discussing specific issues related to education, training and research.

  • If possible, the EAPTC members will also meet in conjunction with the Annual Conference of the IAPTC.

  • The advice of the membership will be taken into account in the further development of the Association and its activities.

  • The Association will be represented at the annual conference of the IAPTC by those members who normally attend the IAPTC and/or an appointed centre, network or individual official, as agreed at the Association’s annual meeting.