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The European Association of Peace Operations Training Centres (EAPTC) brings together military, police, and civilian training institutes, think tanks, and universities across Europe dedicated to topics relevant to peace operations and crisis management, to build and strengthen regional cooperation. In a yearly conference hosted by one of the EAPTC partners, the EAPTC exchanges on good practices in training, innovative training approaches, and current developments in training content.

The European Security and Defence College (ESDC) will be hosting the 2023 conference in Brussels. More details on the exact dates and location will follow.

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The EAPTC map shows the different military, police and civilian training institutes and think tanks in Europe, that work in the field of peace operations and crisis management missions and are members of the European Association for Peacekeeping Training Centres (EAPTC).  By clicking on the pins you can learn more about each institution and how to contact them.

Please note that the map is a living document. For additions to the map, please contact

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The EAPTC Host in 2023 will be the European Security and Defence College (ESDC) in Brussels. Further information on contact, date and location will be published here.

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